“A compelling mix of rock, harmony, country and life”

DoveTales are led by songwriters, Finnish born, Stef Rose and Mancunian born Johnny Evans with a solid rhythmic foundation provided by Chris Joyce.

With a love of great music and Indian food, together they are creating a treasure trove of original and infectious songs with soul searching lyrics and beautiful harmonies delivered effortlessly in an intimate atmosphere full of honesty and charm.

Johnny Evans (J Man)
Stef Rose (Steve)
Chris Joyce (Big Chris)
Johnny Evans

Johnny Evans (J-Man) Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica.

Johnny’s musical path began on his way to the travel agents.

He had lofty dreams of going to India to find himself when on his way he happened on a guitar store and lost himself. He became mesmerised by a vision in white. Under this spell he handed over his hard earned travel cash and purchased a white Stratocaster.

This took him on a different journey of discovery playing and singing with a number of bands, including This hippy Mafia, The Happy Mondays, and The Sylvia’s, touring and releasing recordings along the way.

He did eventually get to India.

Chris Joyce

Chris Joyce (Big Chris) Drums and Percussion

Born at very early age, Chris began playing drums in his teens.

He didn’t want to go to India and he didn’t want to discover himself so he stayed in Manchester and played with many, many bands for many, many years. He always wanted a proper job but no one wanted to employ him so he stuck to drumming.

Working with Durutti Column, The Mighty Wah!, Simply Red and The Sylvias, to name but a few, Chris learnt his craft.

He now teaches drums and lives a hippy lifestyle in West Yorkshire.

Stef Rose

Stef Rose (Steve) Guitar and Vocals

Stef started songwriting at the age of 12, teaching herself guitar on the way.

A few years later, and a catalogue of over 50 songs under her belt, she got on stage with her bass playing twin sister, as a duo called Wild Ginger.

After several years of performing and recording as a duo, and adding another 30 songs to her catalogue, The Sylvias was formed, a four piece band who played, toured and recorded for 5 years.

After a break from music to create two hits (her children), she went on to make a 4 track solo album followed by Johnny persuading her to make some more music with him and Chris, rather than going to India.