Woah another corker of a night at the Eagle Inn, Salford, last Tuesday, we had a top night! Thanks for coming and for your love and support, it means a lot! And thank you to Emma Mould for her amazing set to start off the night. I love watching her, great voice (with a great laugh!) and a heart of gold. Once we were on, I couldn’t see many of you (lights in my face!) but when I did, it was sooo nice to see your beaming faces, smiling and dancing and cheering the house down! With each gig we’ve added more harmonies, and it’s been great singing 3 part harmonies with Johnny and Victor on loads of tracks, there’ll definitely be more of that in the future! We’ve played at the Eagle a few times this past year and it’s always been a real pleasure to play there. So….we’ll be back again in September, hopefully see you there! In the meantime we’ll be enjoying a summer full of new-tune-making and jolly-good-time-making!

Peace, love and ice-cream,