Salford here we come again!!

DoveTales flying to the Eagle Inn,

On the Twenty Fifth of June!

Your favourite band are back in town,

So book your tickets soon!

Have a dose of the four of us,

With fourteen songs for free,

Americana, rock and country life,

With luscious harmonies!

Fly with us and shake the dust,

From Salford to the moon,

DoveTales flying to the Eagle Inn,

On the Twenty Fifth of June!!



Join us, have a drink, catch us for a chinwag, and let us delight you with our delightfully original and ridiculously  catchy tunes in this cool little venue!! You will not regret it.

14 songs. For Free. Hanging out with Stef, Johnny, Chris and Victor. What’s not to like??!! Exactly.

It was packed out last month so get there early!! See you there folks!!


Your new favourite band,

DoveTales xxx


We love the Eagle!!

What a great night we had at Eagle Inn, Salford!! Such an ace venue! Thanks to all that made it down, it was a full house! We loved it. Wished we could have played through the night! Made us smile hearing you sing along to our new track, ‘Knapsack’…”It’s good to be back, With a knapsack on my back, Oh tell me what have I missed while I’ve been gone?”….with Chris Joyce totally going for it on his kit (loving the clippety-cloppity horse effects, Chris, cracks us up every time, it’s brilliant!!) in this mega fast country number. It’s great having a long set list of different tunes to show you, one song I’m singing, next song Johnny’s singing, next it’s all three of us harmonising together, with Victor throwing in some quality harmonic moves, it’s great fun and a real pleasure to be making music with these boys!

Loving seeing your faces and dance moves and loving the great feedback and support, it’s good to know you’re enjoying DoveTales as much as we are!!

We’re back at the Eagle Inn, Salford, Tuesday 25th June. Come and see us. You will be genuinely glad you did.

14 tracks. For Free. Come. On.

Your new favourite band,

DoveTales x

14 Songs

Well, it’s been a while since we said yo and told you what we’ve been up to……hello!!! Hope you’re all well (we’re fine thanks!) and behaving yourselves (we most certainly are not!).

Life’s good, we’re singing and playing our hearts out and making DoveTales the band we’ve always wanted to be in. We’ve been busy recording with the fabulous Greg Turner (my, my, he’s a very patient and cool guy) and we’re almost ready to release two of those tracks! One is a fun, uptempo countryish song called ‘M6’, about the relationship with a satnav….you’ve all been there, following the big grey road…this song will be stuck in your head in no time! The other is a much more serious, dark song called ‘Bully’. I’ll leave the meaning to you. It might make you cry….it always reminds someone of something they thought they’d forgotten…..

We’ve got sooooo many new songs to play with! We’ve just finished two more, one called ‘You’re a Mountain’ by Johnny, and one by me called ‘Mess’, and we’ll be playing these tracks for the first time at The Eagle Inn, Salford, 21st May!! It’s a great little gem of a venue and great sound! We played there a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait to go back!

DoveTales. 14 songs.  Live.  For free.  It’s a no brainer.  See you there.  You’ll love it.



DoveTales Announce New Shows at The Eagle Inn, Salford

With a new bass player, Manchester’s DoveTales will return to The Eagle Inn in Salford on Tuesday, 23 April.

Fusing harmonic rock, folk and country with soulful lyrics, DoveTales will mark their first of three 2019 shows at the Salford venue, following a sold-out show there last December.

Since then, the band – which includes former Happy Mondays collaborator and guitarist Johnny Evans – have earned an impressive following in Manchester and beyond.

Members Stef Rose (vocals) and Chris Joyce (drums) – who met Johnny a decade ago when playing as The Sylvias – complete the line-up, along with new bassist Victor ‘Fela’ Freeman.

Having worked with legendary Madness producer Clive Langer and a long list of talented musicians, Manc-born Fela adds an extra dimension of rhythm to the band and has been working on four new songs with them at The Egg Factory in Hebden Bridge.

DoveTales’ new material – which is being recorded in the run-up to The Eagle Inn gigs – follows their breakthrough song Lost You Again, a beautiful track that’s fraught with emotion.

Talking excitedly about DoveTales’ upcoming shows, Finnish singer-songwriter Stef said: “We can’t wait to return to The Eagle Inn. It’s a quirky venue that’s become our second home. We felt the love at our December gig and know this year will be better again. The band are as energetic as ever and the bond we have is sure to make these upcoming shows special.”

DoveTales will return to The Eagle Inn in Salford on Tuesday, 23 April and will play two further shows on 21 May and 25 June.