Getintothis Review: DoveTales at Phase One

Last week we were in Liverpool at a venue called Phase One where we supported “the piano man” himself, Robert Ellis. The gig was great and we received an excellent review from Getintothis.

This is what they said about us:

“Before our journey to Texas and Tennessee started, we are served with life on a road in the north of England, as DoveTales open their act with the upbeat country style M6. It’s good enough for the audience to stop any conversation and pay attention to their well crafted folk rock.

The quartet want us to feel good about ourselves, and the message is clear in the rockier Mountain – “you’re a mountain, yes you are” – or in a lovely new tune that talks about walking in someone else’s shoes (do it and see for yourself that they might be even worse off).

The combining voices of Stef Rose and Johnny Evans provide the top ingredients for their hopeful, honest and engaging music.”

You can read the whole review here on the Getintothis site.

“Come Over Here” Review by Number 9

A great review of “Come Over Here” from Number 9:

‘“Come Over Here” is an upbeat track with a very rhythmic melody; there’s a real feel good start to the song that immediately catches your attention. By the time the chorus arrives the song already feels familiar which is the mark of a great track. “Come Over Here” really is a triumph and it continues the great work produced so far by DoveTales. I can only imagine there is much more to come.’ Read more …

Thanks for the review Number 9! Glad you like it.