Wow, that went fast, what a year that was!! And what a way to end a brilliant creative year for DoveTales by playing at The Eagle Inn, Salford, on 8th December, to a great audience!! Thanks for coming, we had a great night and I know you did too!! I know I always say it, but I love being in this band. The bond we have, the music we create, we’re happy when we’re together and I think we passed the love on that night. We loved the venue, what a quirky venue, we’ll be playing there again for sure!! Big thanks to our support, Emma Mould- what a great voice and a what a great person (and nice capo’s, I do like a capo!)!!

Can’t wait for this year. We’ve got our diaries booked for all sorts!! This week we’ll all be meeting up for the first time this year at The Egg Factory, to crack on with recording 3 new tracks which we’re looking forward to releasing soon! And I’m going to hang out with the electric guitar and write some new songs with it, something which is new to me, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens there! Lot’s of new songs from Johnny and I (they’re coming out of our ears!), lot’s of rehearsing (can’t get enough of them!), lot’s of gigs (love it!) and lots of good times lined up for us this year!! Can’t wait to get started!!

Keep listening and spread the word….The DoveTales have flown in!!

All the very best for the new year, folks!!

Thanks for your support and see you soon!!

DoveTales x