I’ve never written a blog before [in fact the last time I wrote anything was at School] but It falls upon me to write something about our band, so I’d thought I’d start with our rehearsal last Sunday (18/11/2018). We always rehearse in an Egg Factory in Hebden Bridge [Knowl End Farm] where Chris (drums) entertains his pupils giving drum lessons [suppose I should get some as well]. It’s a great little room and it meets every requirement that a small band like us need, with the added bonus of a long boat chugging past behind the warehouse, we occasionally wave but it depends on what song we’re doing.

Johnny (Guitar) mentioned before the rehearsal we should record a video on one of our songs to add to the beautiful ‘Sweet Pea’ that has been an Internet sensation over the past few weeks (slight exaggeration). We decided on a song called ‘And Then” which has Chris using a very unique Brazilian drum called a Panderio, which has a very sweet dynamic rhythmic sound. Ste (Vocals/Guitar) had the amazing vision to add some fairy lights to the room to give it a bit of an atmospheric feel to the place, and I recon it made a great improvement to the vibe. Any way you can see for yourself when we post the video shortly, in fact by the time this has been posted it’ll probably be available to view. So, on went the GoPro cam and the condenser mic in the corner of the room and the song was sung, although if anybody else has tried doing this before, marrying the audio reordered to the video is one of the hardest things I have ever undertook, but enjoyable at the same time [I’m a bit weird like that]

On to our next gig at the Hinchcliffe, can’t wait, playing with these guys is like sitting down with the best brew ever made with your perfect partner/wife [i.e. my Jane] by your side, with a fire roaring in the log burner and the best ever film playing on the brand new 55’ TV. Perfik!! It seems that we have found a great bond between the band that is not only playing great songs but also having the ability to take a simple (but beautiful) song written by Ste on her Tanglewood acoustic and create a song that I guarantee will be ringing round your head till you switch on the radio and start listening to Edd Sheran. Not that there is anything wrong with Edd it’s the first artist I could think of that when you listen to you carry on singing his song.

Anyway I have been typing way too much, and should stop at some point, this’ll do!