I’ve decided to carry on from the last blog, as todays (23rdNov) rehearsal was quite inspiring actually. After arriving at the infamous rehearsal room, made famous in the last video, it was an early start with a crack from Chris and we were off. Each song that we played through was getting better and better each time, most likely due to everyone getting used to each other’s performances, so that we can concentrate on other things rather than just what they’re playing. Even with Ste’s voice hampered by a devilish cold that was strangling the vocal chords to the point that we had to stop (and laugh our heads off). All topped off with an in-depth discussion around small hands and what it means when you have small hands!!! I’m saying nothing, as I struggle to type with my ginormous hands!

Only 5 more days until the Hinchcliffe Gig, we’ll be part of the furniture soon. See ya there!