What a great night we had at Eagle Inn, Salford!! Such an ace venue! Thanks to all that made it down, it was a full house! We loved it. Wished we could have played through the night! Made us smile hearing you sing along to our new track, ‘Knapsack’…”It’s good to be back, With a knapsack on my back, Oh tell me what have I missed while I’ve been gone?”….with Chris Joyce totally going for it on his kit (loving the clippety-cloppity horse effects, Chris, cracks us up every time, it’s brilliant!!) in this mega fast country number. It’s great having a long set list of different tunes to show you, one song I’m singing, next song Johnny’s singing, next it’s all three of us harmonising together, with Victor throwing in some quality harmonic moves, it’s great fun and a real pleasure to be making music with these boys!

Loving seeing your faces and dance moves and loving the great feedback and support, it’s good to know you’re enjoying DoveTales as much as we are!!

We’re back at the Eagle Inn, Salford, Tuesday 25th June. Come and see us. You will be genuinely glad you did.

14 tracks. For Free. Come. On.

Your new favourite band,

DoveTales x